I had my first baby, Dylan, in August 2013. In addition to all the crazy emotions and big life changes that the first three months of parenting introduced, having a child led me to reevaluate many aspects of life including my career and my priorities.

As the end of my maternity leave approached, I realized my role as a Senior Manager of Corporate Communications at a leading international security vendor was no longer the right fit for meIMG_0660.

While there were many great experiences in that position–working with the senior leadership, collaborating with colleagues across the world and traveling to amazing destinations that included F1 and Moscow–at the end of the day my priorities shifted. I wanted more flexibility, less commute, more autonomy.

After taking a month off and rolling in the new year with a fresh perspective, I tried my hand at a small consulting role with a Boston-based startup. The rest is history — well history in the making I suppose!

In just a matter of months, my client roster matured and the opportunities to work with growing brands all over the country came popping up in my inbox. Creating my own consulting practice seemed like the logical next chapter in this new career journey.

That’s my story in about 200 words, but I’d love to tell you more over coffee or maybe a glass of wine. You can find me here.

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