Media receive dozens and sometimes hundreds of email pitches a day, so that makes getting yours to stand out all the more difficult. Luckily there are three really basic, but essential, tactics that will help you write an effective pitch and get noticed by media. While these tips may seem obvious, they are all too often forgotten about.

1. Write a customized email

Despite how many articles and PR professionals out there warn you not to send an email blast, generic “template-like” emails are still be making their way to reporters inboxes.  Make sure each email sent is unique to the recipient – whether it’s indicating what section this would be best for or referencing why this “news” is interesting to their audience, make sure your email is relevant.

2. Get to know the writers

This is the next step in customizing your email.  Read their bio, check out their recent tweets, and most definitely familiarize yourself with their recent coverage. If appropriate, reference what you know about them in your pitch email–mention a recent story or make a connection about something you have in common.

3. Be concise

Keep your email as brief as you can while still getting your point across. Remember how many emails a reporter gets a day? Make their lives easier by sending emails that are to the point and easy to digest.

There are several other things to consider when drafting a pitch — writing a good subject line and proof reading are among them.  This is a great list of tips to check out from contributing editor John Brandon.

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